Why Us

Why students should come to us ?

Excellent teaching staff

Many of our staff at LCC are practitioners and have direct work experience in the subjects they teach and research in their areas of specialism. This application of real world issues and challenges combined with strong theoretical  underpinning is an ideal mix for our students. We offer a programme of staff development and encourage membership of AdvancedHE alongside the opportunity for research and publications in the College Journal.

LCC is committed to the employability of their students.

London Churchill College (LCC) is committed to student employability with a curriculum that gives them the  opportunity to find the job they want and, as they progress, to succeed through the impact they make in the  organisations they join. We bring companies and other organisations into and around the curriculum to work with our students. We also work with our alumni and students around their professional development as practitioners.

Students are fully engaged in the College processes and procedures

There are student representatives across the courses who receive feedback from their colleagues with formal and informal processes available for informing staff. We ensure that students are represented on all committees in the College to listen to the student voice at all levels. This essential part of LCC practice across the curriculum gives students the opportunity to engage as part of their personal and professional development.

Strong management and support teams

The College has made key management appointments to strengthen the team, particularly in the areas of Quality, Employability and Governance. We have a customer focused support staff from reception to recruitment and administration to help students with enquiries and support their time at the College. The excellent service LCC provides is a feature of the student experience at the College.

Open door policy and support

Our staff are accessible to students at all times and there is constant dialogue with teaching and support staff. This is a friendly College where the focus of the staff is on the student experience at LCC and graduate success in the future workforce. As an access College, we aim to grow the capacity of our communities in support of the local economy through the personal and professional development of our students.

An exciting and rewarding experience

The multicultural environment and cosmopolitan character of the College make student life a challenging, exciting and rewarding experience.


Are you ready to take the next step towards your future career?