HND in Social and Community Work (Community Development) Further Information


You will be taught through a combination of lectures, Group tutorials and one to one sessions.
Group Tutorials enable you to discuss and develop your understanding of topics covered in lectures
in smaller groups; you will have timetabled meetings with your personal tutor for one to one

You will have access to College library and ICT lab facilities throughout your course.

During the course, you will have between 10 to 13 contact hours per week, consisting of:

  • 6-9 hours of lectures
  • 3 hours of Group Tutorial
  • 1 hour of one-to-one sessions



The aims of the learning are to-

  • Enable students to move from directed towards greater self-directed and autonomous
    learning, specifically encouraging a positive attitude towards independent learning.
  • Articulate measured approaches to the delivery of learning which enables every student to
    develop, as independent learners, studying their chosen subject(s) in depth and enhancing
    their employability, as well as nurturing the growth of analytical, critical and creative
    thinking skills.
  • Ensure the provision of inclusive learning through promoting equality, diversity
    and equal opportunity.
  • Ensure lecturers, internal verifiers and anyone involved in teaching or
    supporting student learning are appropriately qualified, supported and


Overall workload

Each 15-credit unit approximates to a TQT (TQT (Total Qualification Time) of 150 hours and 60 hours
of Guided Learning and 90 hours of independent learning.


Academic support

The College is discharging its responsibilities for setting and maintaining academic standards,
assuring and enhancing the quality of learning opportunities for students and ensuring all academic provision including programmes, modules and units and underpinning resources (technical and physical) are up to date and fit for the purpose. Personal tutors comply with the College’s commitment to supporting greater opportunities for access to education for students who might otherwise not realise their full potential.

Our Academic Support Team provides help in the following areas:

  • Study skills (including reading, note-taking and presentation skills)
  • Written English (including punctuation and grammatical accuracy)
  • Academic writing (including how to reference)
  • Research skills (in conjunction with the library)
  • Critical thinking and understanding arguments
  • Revision, assessment and examination skills (including time management).

Our Student Support and Reasonable Adjustments Policy ensures that students with additional
needs receive the support they need to enable equality throughout the College.


Teaching staff

You will be taught by an experienced teaching team whose expertise and knowledge are closely
matched to the content of the modules on the course. The team includes senior academics,
professional practitioners with industry experience and technical officers.



Supervision and assessment requirements on placement/experience

Students are expected to be allocated a placement/experience supervisor during their
placement/experience in each setting who will monitor and contribute to the continuous
assessment of their progress; students are also required to be assessed during their practice on
placement/experience by a tutor/assessor from the College delivering the qualification.

Assessment Strategies

Pearson-set assignments

At both Level 4 and Level 5, as part of the Core units, there are Pearson-set assignments. Each year,
Pearson will issue a Theme and (for Level 4) a set of related Topics. The College will develop an
assignment, to be internally assessed, to engage students in work related to the Pearson-set Theme.

At Level 4, students will select a Topic to further define their approach to the Theme and
assignment. At Level 5, it is expected that students will define their own Topic, in negotiation with
tutors, based on the Pearson-set Theme.

Practice-based assessments

A key feature of the Higher Nationals in Social and Community is the inclusion of ‘practice-based
assessment’ at Level 4 and Level 5. These assessments are intended to provide a framework in which
necessary work-based learning can be delivered and assessed.


Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals in Social and Community Work are assessed using a combination of
internally assessed centre-devised internal assignments (which are set and marked by the College)
and internally assessed Pearson-set assignments (which are set by Pearson and marked by the
College). Pearson-set assignments are mandatory and target particular industry-specific skills.

  • For the HND, two Core units: one Core, 15 credit, unit at Level 4 and one Core, 30 credit,
    unit at Level 5, will be assessed by a mandatory Pearson-set assignment targeted at
    particular skills.
  • All other units are assessed by college-devised internal assignments.



You will receive feedback on all practice assessments and on formal assessments. Feedback from markers should be provided within 4 weeks from the submission deadline and the feedback must be clear, legible and constructive. It must also be linked to the learning outcomes and the assessment. Pearson would expect that an HND student would have achieved at least 90 credits at Level 4 before progressing to Level 5 units. This allows for the students to submit the remaining 30 credits at Level 4 while undertaking their Level 5 study.


Program Learning Outcomes

Pearson’s qualifications are nationally and internationally recognised by employers and professional organisations. The recognition of the Higher National Diploma (HND) is a way for students to prepare for jobs and careers in their chosen field through membership of relevant professional bodies. Pearson students and graduates may be offered exemptions by professional bodies from parts of their own qualifications in relation to membership.

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