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At London Churchill College our relationship with our students does not end with their graduation. We are always here for our students no matter what route they have taken after their tenure here. Whether they are pursuing to study further, work in an industry of their choice, or start up their own business, London Churchill College is dedicated to supporting our students long after they have come to the end of their academic calendar. That is why we are keen to stay in touch with our students even after they have successfully completed their course(s) with us.

The Alumni department at London Churchill College seeks to maintain the strong bond students have acquired with the college during their tenure and keep it strong even after they leave the courses so that the college can continue to support them in their ambitions. The department also looks to highlight the success stories of our graduates to existing students to inspire them with the achievements of those who successfully completed their courses here and went on to move forwards and upwards. A good number of our former students have gone on to some of the best universities in the country to continue their education, some have moved into managerial or executive jobs at their preferred industry, while others have taken the venture of starting up their own business to admirable success. At London Churchill College we are proud to play a role in our students’ success.

Do you have a success story of your own? If you would like to share your success with your peers at London Churchill College get in touch with us so that we can publish your story and inspire new, existing, and former students of our college with your news of your achievements. Write to:


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